Wednesday, 18 March 2009

New Work Wednesday

Haven't done one of these for a while but the term "New Work Wednesday" now has a double meaning now that I sign on every other Wednesday: Dalston JobCentre-Plus at 2 o'clock on the dot (or more appropriately, dotted line). Anyway, I will attempt to be as punctual with posting new work as I will have to be with my benefit claims.

The piece below is my response to a brief set by a friend in Brighton to create a logo for an alternative online magazine in the same vei
n as 'Dazed and Confused" and 'Vice'. Being Brighton-based, they came up with the clever name of 'Groyne'. For those of you who didn't take GCSE Geography, groynes are those long structures on beaches that stretch out to sea in order to stop LSD (Long Shore Drift). I'm not going to explain LSD. Wikipedia has a very good explanation I'm sure both for the drug and the geographical term.

Anyway, here's the logo in all its black and white glory.

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