Monday, 15 December 2008

Advent Calendar Update 10

I've moved from London up to the quiet idylls of the Suffolk countryside for Christmas so haven't been on top of updating things lately. We do have internet out here in the wilderness however so you can't escape my blog that easily.

Day 12: A very old fashioned car. Again I presume this is a toy which would have been highly appreciated back in 1922 but boys these days aren't happy with anything less than a DIY crack pipe.

Day 13: Star (shooting). It seems that thirteen days into the month, the makers of this calendar were already running out of ideas as there is ANOTHER STAR. Some genius came up with the idea to add a trail behind it to make it a shooting star. Very clever.

Day 14: Rocking horse. Another toy from a bygone age. Stick some High School Musical 3 logos on it though and this would fly off the shelves.

Day 15: A bell. A 'Jingle-bell'.
A 'Jingle-bell'. Jingling all the way. Sorry.

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