Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Franz Ferdinand up close in London

Greetings dear readers and thank you for directing your browser in the direction of this, my new/only/first/last blog. I will be updating it with stuff which may be of some interest to you, although mainly it's just a self indulgent experiment and a way to make sure I don't forget how to write.

Last night I attended a "secret" gig by the Glaswegian guitar-pop band Franz Ferdinand. You may have heard of them. The band, more accustomed to headlining festivals were playing at a club night called "Durrr" at The End club in central London. A highly intimate and sweat inducing performance more than justified queuing for just over an hour on a blisteringly cold December night. The band previewed material from their forthcoming album 'Tonight' with an energy that suggested they were relishing playing to an audience where the whites of fan's eyes were visible and every word sung back to them audible.

In a venue which perfectly suited the band's heavily synth-laden new direction, a crowd which included The Cribs' Ryan Jarman and Kate Nash reacted to the new songs as if they were old faves. Franz Ferdinand have always been keen to make indie girls (and boys) dance and with new songs like set opener 'Turn It On', they're taking that a step further. It is no coincidence that they are road testing 'Tonight' in nightclubs. That unmistakable Franz cheesewire-guitar sound is still at the fore, but keyboards, synths and some pretty handy maraca playing by frontman Alex Kapranos now flesh out the songs to a higher degree. The band haven't abandoned their love of using retro equipment either and the synths used at the show looked to be classic Moog designs. All in all it was a fantastic night and I can highly recommend The End club and "Durrr" in particular. I've included some photos above and the setlist as well as a video below...

'Turn It On'
'The Dark Of The Matinee'
'Live Alone'
'Take Me Out'
'What She Came For'
'This Fire'

Franz Ferdinand release their new album "Tonight" on 27/01/2009 and the next single "Ulysses" around a week earlier.

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Ur left Nut said...

Uhhhhh ill have you know that 'The Crowd' also included preeminent Search Marketing Account Executive Alexis Griveau!