Sunday, 28 December 2008

Advent Calendar Update 12

Day 21: Snowman. OK. This is getting slightly ridiculous now. ANOTHER repeated chocolate. This time it's the snowman (snow-woman) from December the 17th, only today the wind is blowing in the opposite direction with the scarf being blown to the right as opposed to the left before.

Day 22: Chrismas Tree (decorated). The tree from December 7th that was then taken home by sleigh on December 18th has now been put up and decorated. Very nice it looks too. I bet the lights worked first time as well, unlike ours at home!

Day 23: A Horn? Again it's very difficult to make out exactly what this is. Unfortunately I can't upload a photo for tedious reasons. My best guess is that this is some sort of wind instrument belonging to a member of the Salvation Army.

Day 24: Father Christmas. If I was a child I would be getting pretty excited by now and the makers of the calendar have recognised this by making the chocolate a special rectangular shape adorned with everyone's favorite bearded fat father.

Day 25: "Merry Christmas". The day has finally arrived and another rectangular treat is revealed with the words "Merry Christmas" embossed on the chocolate. What a wonderfully heartfelt and warming message from 'Bon-Bon Buddies'.

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